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With this year coming to a close, our final event is the Holiday Party at Oak Barrel for a nice dinner where all the members mingled and got to vote for the new officers that will be chosen to lead CDPUG into an exciting 2017. Our election resulted in very talented people on the board and perfect for the job. In case you weren’t around for the meeting , here’s the slate of officers for the coming year.

President: Ron Skoczen

Vice President: Gerry Shamray

Treasurer: Gary Sherck

Secretary: Volunteer Needed

Programmer: Spike Radway

Web designer: Bill Cohen-Kiraly

Membership: Judy Beveridge

Give them a round of applause as they move forward toward a new year for CDPUG! Thank you all for your continued support!

Pixar and Beyond

I recently enjoyed the newly released book, “To Pixar and Beyond. My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History” by Lawrence Levy. Enough to take the time to write a review and encourage Cleveland Digital Publishing User Group (CDPUG) members to read this recently released title.

I have read a few books about Steve Jobs and Pixar and this one is in the recommended reading for others list. This title kept me very engaged and eager to keep going. It has the unusual perspective being from point of view of the CFO of Pixar. It focuses on the business and financial issues of growing Pixar, and accomplishing the very difficult and successful IPO. The author is a former Silicon Valley attorney and business executive personally recruited by Steve Jobs for his position at Pixar.

What is very noticeable and unique in this book is that the subtitle referencing Steve Jobs is not just a marketing ploy to sell copies. Steve Jobs in mentioned constantly through out since the author’s position at Pixar required him to interact with Steve Jobs constantly. The descriptions of Steve Jobs show his keen intellect and judgement without the negativity of the authorized  Walter Isaacson biography. I would instead put it into the list with “Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader” by Brent Schlender, a journalist who knew Steve Jobs and describes his growth into the genius we all know and admire today. Also in this list of books is the title “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspiration” by Ed Catmull, the CEO of Pixar. “Creativity, Inc.” focuses on the management issues involved with the special creative culture at Pixar. It reads more like an extremely interesting MBA case study, and includes a special epilogue chapter about Steve Jobs also without the one-sided negativity of the authorized biography.

One aspect of “To Pixar and Beyond” that was interesting was the strategic aspects described with financial aspects of Pixar and even includes the subject of Branding which would be of intense interest to CDPUG members.

I encourage my friends and fellow creatives and techies to read this title.

I also have to add a humorous side note: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Kermit the Frog, Alfred E. Neuman, and myself were all born in the same year, 1955. It amuses me to have something in common with each of these notable celebrities. If anyone was going to write a pamphlet about me it would be entitled “To CDPUG and Beyond.” ;-)



Diamond Visual Communications

Diamond Visual Communications is having a grand opening Thursday December 8, where you can see their Showroom and Production Facility. CDPUG Member, Mark Bailin is the owner of Diamond Visual Communications.

Where: 4516 Renaissance Parkway, Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128

When: Thursday December 8, 2016 at 12 PM – 2 PM and 4 PM – 6 PM

If you want to learn more about the company, you can visit their website here.

Megan Apple did a great job getting down to the details about how to get booked solid with all of the clients you want – even if you hate marketing and selling! We were glad to have her come a second time and share more of her knowledge about the world of business with us.

Megan was able to keep the audience interested with her simple but informative slides. She went into detail about what a target market is (and why it is important), and how to get your prospects to buy what you are selling. Her presentation also went into detail about the importance of your own personal brand, and why it is vital part of becoming a client attraction magnet.

During the meeting Megan Apple recommended a great book – Love is the Killer App – about how to be successful and share your intangibles. She was also generous enough to share her slides with us to the people that needed them or could not make it to the meeting. You can email her to schedule a 30 minute session to seek more advice from her if you have questions. She is also offering a special discount to all members for her upcoming Book Yourself Solid Group Program. A link to Megan’s website is shown below. Until then, we hope to see you all at our future meetings!

Want to learn more about Marketing and Selling? Here are your next steps:

  • Call 216-704-6568 or email  –
  • Take advantage of the offer for a 30 minute laser focus session
  • Join the next Book Yourself Solid 3 month workshop starting in mid-November


Link to: Megan Apple’s presentation

Megan Apple’s website:

Recommended books of the meeting: Love is the Killer App

Clearing up iCloud

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Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.20.40 AM

iCloud has become integral to the Apple experience—it’s almost an operating system in its own right, and macOS 10.12 Sierra, iOS 10, and tvOS 10 all rely on iCloud for core functionality. If you are confused by the difference between iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream, have wondered if you should use two-factor authentication or two-step verification, or been unsure of what iCloud data counts against your storage space, Joe Kissell’s best-selling book, Take Control of iCloud, Fifth Edition, has the help you need. It’s the comprehensive documentation of iCloud you won’t find from Apple or anywhere else, and with your MUG discount you can pick up a copy for just $10.50, 30% off the cover price.

In the book, Joe offers insight into what iCloud is trying to do, while providing steps for key procedures and advising you on the best real-world techniques for integrating iCloud’s many services into your digital life on Macs, iOS devices, Apple TVs, and even Windows-based PCs.

“Brilliant and concise information on using current iCloud systems.” —Brian M.

This new edition is overflowing with up-to-date iCloud advice for you, explaining:

  • • The ins and outs of Desktop and Documents folder syncing in macOS Sierra
  • • Whether to leave the Optimize Mac Storage checkbox in Sierra selected
  • • The six conditions that must be true for Universal Clipboard to work so you can copy and paste among your Apple devices (Mac to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, Mac to Mac, etc.)
  • • Turning on Apple’s newer two-factor authentication (which is different from and better than two-step verification) so you don’t have to worry about your iCloud data being compromised
  • • Getting around in the latest incarnation of iCloud Drive

“I just read Take Control of iCloud cover to cover, and it helped me sort out several problems and clear up my confusion on how iCloud works with my iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Your book has helped me get more out of my devices and I can see it’ll make my life easier. Thanks for a job very well done!” —Andy S.

Take Control of iCloud, Fifth Edition walks you through getting started with iCloud (whether you have one or more iCloud accounts), and then explains the key aspects — and hidden gotchas — of iCloud’s capabilities. Among the many features Joe covers are iCloud Photo Library, My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Sharing, Family Sharing, iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library, iCloud Drive, Optimized Storage, Universal Clipboard, Mail and Mail Drop, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, iCloud Keychain, the iCloud Web site, Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, two-factor authentication, activation lock, Back to My Mac, and backing up and restoring iOS data. (It’s a lot, we know. Hence a 182-page book!)

“As someone who hadn’t invested a lot of time in setting up iCloud before, I found this book very informative—particularly the information about managing multiple iCloud accounts and the Photos section.” —Kelly G.

Thanks for your support, which makes it possible for us to continue documenting what’s going on in Apple’s new operating systems and online services!

-Take Control Publishers



Sierra Made Easy

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Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.33.55 AM


Apple has released iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra, and we’re pleased to bring you four Take Control books to help you get started with the new operating systems and their shared Photos app.

Joe Kissell helps you perform a trouble-free upgrade to Sierra in Take Control of Upgrading to Sierra, Scholle McFarland covers what’s new in Sierra (and much more) in Sierra: A Take Control Crash Course, Josh Centers takes you on a tour of iOS 10 in his comprehensive iOS 10: A Take Control Crash Course, and Jason Snell focuses on the new features of Photos in his Photos: A Take Control Crash Course.

The easiest way to pick up multiple books is to load our catalog, click the Buy button under each book you want, and then click one of the Cart buttons. All books are discounted by 30% for MUG members; you’ll see the discount once you click the orange Check Out button in our cart.

Thanks for your support — it’s great to be able to channel the excitement generated by Apple’s new operating systems into new books, and we couldn’t do it without you!

Take Control of Upgrading to Sierra, by Joe Kissell (98 pages, $7)

Experience an anxiety-free upgrade to Sierra as you follow Joe Kissell’s time-tested advice in this focused book, thoroughly updated for Sierra. You’ll ensure that your hardware and software are ready for Sierra, prevent problems by making a bootable duplicate of your primary drive, and decide on the best installation method for your particular situation. You’ll also find full installation directions, plus suggestions on what to do immediately after the install. The book ends with a look at how to handle a failed or problematic installation. Learn more…

Sierra: A Take Control Crash Course, by Scholle McFarland (100 pages*, $10.50)

You can head off into the wilds of Sierra with confidence when you’re equipped with Scholle McFarland’s new Crash Course. It kicks off with an overview of what’s new, followed by a chapter about Sierra’s cool little features, like keeping folders on top of file listings, new text shortcuts, Picture in Picture, and link and video previews in Messages. Scholle devotes more space to teaching you about big new Sierra features like Siri, app tabs, Desktop and Documents folder syncing, and Universal Clipboard. Particularly important is the book’s discussion of Optimized Storage, which can save a lot of space on a Mac with a small drive, but should be enabled only when you understand its implications. Learn more…

*The 100-page 1.0 version of this book covers the changes in Sierra, but we’re still finalizing a handful of chapters about existing Mac features. We’ll give all purchasers the content-complete version 1.1 of this book for free very soon.

iOS 10: A Take Control Crash Course, by Josh Centers (143 pages, $10.50)

Quickly master new (and existing) features in iOS 10 on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch! TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers helps you come up to speed with extensive coverage of iOS 10’s key changes, including the redesigned Lock screen, Widget screen, and Control Center, and new ways for third-party developers to add features to Apple’s apps. You’ll also learn how Apple has radically revised essential apps like Photos, Messages, Mail, Maps, and Safari. Josh even gives you an introduction to home automation by way of iOS 10’s new Home app and Apple’s HomeKit specification for third-party devices. Additional special topics cover Family Sharing, accessibility, privacy, managing data usage, improving battery life, and more. Learn more…

Photos: A Take Control Crash Course, by Jason Snell (74 pages, $7)

Get the most out of Apple’s Photos app on all your Apple devices! Written by Jason Snell, publisher of Six Colors and former lead editor of Macworld, this book helps you understand Photos’ new machine-learning features like Memories, Categories, and the new version of Faces. It also teaches you how to import (and merge!) old iPhoto and Aperture libraries, set up iCloud Photo Library, organize and edit photos, share photos online, create cards and calendars, and much more.

The book focuses on Photos for 10.12 Sierra, but those who also use the Photos app in iOS 10 will appreciate the iOS-specific help at the end of nearly every chapter. Jason has also included a chapter about viewing your photos on an Apple TV. Learn more…

-Adam and Tonya Engst, Take Control publishers